Jenny    [30/04/2006 05:38am]
> Yay for student exchanges! That's awesome... Melbourne's only 8 hours drive from Canberra ;) Everything you've heard about austrlia is true. Steve Irwin is a regular aussie bloke, Kangaroos are the cheapest and most reliable form of transport, and wombats make great footrests. Also, "slap another kipper on the barbie mate" is a very common thing to hear on a saturday arvo. Ripper, mate.
melanie    [19/06/2006 07:47am]
> And you need to watch out for the drop bears out in the bush. They can be quite nasty.
jenny    [27/06/2006 07:33am]
> Yep, they're nasty, they are. You can read up on them here:
Jenny    [27/06/2006 07:33am]
> Oh man, now I stretched the box :-)
alex    [29/11/2006 03:40am]
> and don't forget to shake ur shoes before u put them on coz u might just find a fat venimous spider has made its home there

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