Jenny    [08/02/2007 06:31pm]
> Bonzer, mate, you made it! So are you planning on visiting Canberra, or shall we have to make the trek down to Melbourne? :)
Doug    [09/02/2007 07:29am]
> I think I could probably manage an appearance in Canberra, assuming I could find a tour guide or two to show me the sights.....but I'll have a more definitive answer on that one once my student loan cheques clear. :P
Drawjen    [21/12/2015 01:12pm]
> it privately if I had your email, but as it is I don't see any harm in other plepoe seeing it. But you've just been immortalised.Okay, so this is what happened I volunteer at the Lu Rees Archives, which is an archive of Australian children's authors. They have a file on me since my first book was for kids, and have collected copies of all my books.I sometimes give them various bits and pieces to put in the KJTaylor file. Recently I told them I was going to delete my LJ, so they went there and printed off some of it for archiving. They got the last few entries, and the very first, which was the only one they got in full, comments and all. And guess who the very first commenter on the LJ was? You. Your very first comment on my very first post has now been printed and archived. It's the only comment to be preserved now that the LJ is gone. So now when plepoe look at my file in the archives, you'll be a part of it.As you're a librarian, I thought you'd find that pretty neat. I sure did. (They also preserved my post about the Skyrim sweetroll, which is awesome in a different way).(Finally, I have just put the first copy of the new book up on eBay, as promised).

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