Mummy    [19/05/2010 01:03pm]
> a shame the the buses don't have ship names on them. Bronnie was in an Argonauts club many years ago... run by ABCradio and all the members were assigned to ships.. sadly i was not old enough to join.
Hey Ellie    [22/05/2010 04:28pm]
> Not just in China. Following is from todays column 8. I noticed it because I was given Joey by a farmer in Eugowra --- 'Concerning confusing directions,'' writes Michael Fox, of Gerringong (Column 8, Thursday), ''I once stopped a passer-by in Bathurst and asked him how to get to Eugowra. 'Well,' he said, 'you take the highway up to Orange and then you go left towards Canowindra and … hang on. No, that won't work. I know,' he continued more positively 'you go down the Blayney road and through to Cowra … no, that won't work, either.' After a long, thoughtful pause he looked at me apologetically and said: 'You can't get there from here.'''
Hey Dad    [22/05/2010 05:08pm]
> Not quite got the hang of this commenting lark yet?

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