mum    [10/05/2011 10:02am]
> Oh dear, it doesn't like my smily face as a comment - must be all special characters??
mum    [10/05/2011 10:02am]
> does it like it if there is other stuff in front :-)
mum    [10/05/2011 10:03am]
> yep - very IBM, should start with an alpha
mum    [11/05/2011 11:22pm]
> Lovely that there is more than one place where you feel at home.
Kyna    [26/05/2011 05:39pm]
> Yeah, there's something special about going back... I always seem to enjoy places more when it's not the first time.
Karmen    [26/09/2015 08:24am]
> enrich their lives and provide onoprtupities that may not have been accessible earlier in can no longer be viewed as something reserved for younger people. we must look for onoprtupities to create a technology edge and integrate into the global community with skilled educators and exper

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