fran    [04/10/2007 07:30am]
> cuba would be most cool, but ive started to fall for the idea of cambodia and laos...mhm, decisions, decisions...bloody yanks! sabine told me she had a really nice chat with you though which is great to hear. love xxxxxx
Julia    [04/10/2007 10:03pm]
> I think I may be heading to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos for Christmas... Hmm will have to figure out travel plans when I get back to Oz. Was great to talk to Sabine, though still cranky with US. Malaysia's lots of fun! I'm heading to KL today... Hooray! How is France going? Love Jules xox
Jenny    [05/10/2007 06:58pm]
> Stupid US. Who did you do the cruise with? (Still planning stuff to do... :)) Sorry I couldn't see you xXx
Kyna    [07/10/2007 03:42am]
> God they really do suck don't they? I remember being sent to that little room when I went through Dallas. My problem was that I didn't have a street name for Wes (because he'd just moved there himself) and only a mobile number. It's so STUPID, you don't need a visa for a STOPOVER WTF?? Added to that you're Australian and don't need a visa at all to enter their country. I really think you should get compensation. Of course you won't, because they're idiots, but you should (for missing your flight).
Julia    [08/10/2007 02:06am]
> Thanks for sympathy guys. They do suck. I found the whole experience incredible. I went to Galapagos with Estrella del Mar. Ask me any questions about Galapagos or anywhere else I went... Love Jules xox
Alex    [15/09/2009 06:40am]
> yeah, we had issues with US immigration in Miami when we went through. And i'm a f***ing citizen!
Julia    [18/09/2009 04:44pm]
> Bloody hell! I've been told that despite Australia's visa waiver eligibility I'll be deported if I try to get in again unless I buy a visa....

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