Jenny    [22/08/2009 11:28pm]
> Yay! She lives and updates! Sounds like you're having a ball, hope that "strapless" dress is being worn :D
Kyna    [26/08/2009 09:45am]
> Apart from the cactus it sounds great! And I'm not sure if they have it (or if it's called something else in Mexico) but you should try to eat some "tuna", a type of sweet edible cactus (and not a fish!). Ooh, you make me jealous travelling all the time. I can't wait till you come home though and you can tell me all your stories, and I can talk to you about my peri-op placement which has been awesome so far. Besos!
Alex    [27/08/2009 02:42am]
> sounds like a blast. i liked the bit about the stocking party :)
Julia    [13/09/2009 08:16am]
> Thanks for the comments guys! The Kingston dress has had a few outings, havenĀ“t tried the cactus form of tuna! Stocking Party was awesome! Looking forwards to hearing what you guys have been up to when I get back xox
Alexey    [04/12/2015 02:18pm]
> enrich their lives and provide opuittpniroes that may not have been accessible earlier in can no longer be viewed as something reserved for younger people. we must look for opuittpniroes to create a technology edge and integrate into the global community with skilled educators and exper

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