Alex    [15/09/2009 06:32am]
> oh dear, it does sound like you got harassed a lot. I was subject to a little whistling and a few harmless remarks in Bolivia but Cuba sounds far worse.
Jenny    [15/09/2009 12:29pm]
> Hey Julia :) Sorry to hear that Cuba didn't live up to your expectations. I found the amount of attention I got in Colombia unsettling (I'm not sure I could live there as I couldn't even go to the supermarket in peace), but it was definitely never as bad as hitting on from hosts and their family!
Julia    [15/09/2009 03:17pm]
> Never mind - you guys can join me on a trip there - I´m sure the three of us could fend off unwanted attention! I´m back in blissful Mexico now... It´s the ´grita de independencia´ tomorrow - the whole place is decked out in mexican colours/decorations. It´s going to be awesome! Viva Mexico!
Melanie    [08/10/2009 07:37pm]
> Julia, I was a bit alarmed by your use of the word 'hostages'...but then realised my mistake ;) Hopefully see you soon to chat about your trip!
Chisom    [06/07/2013 02:10am]
> Very hard to find, but I have an additional susoigtegn. Moonlight On the Llano by Billy McClaren. Geared more for us folks up here in the Panhandle, but great for a Texas Tour' themed playlist. Have fun!
Jenn    [07/07/2013 06:36pm]
> Ecoonimes are in dire straits, but I can count on this!
LallJealbreem    [14/06/2014 12:58pm]
> (COACH)が、ブランドのルーツとも言えるベースボールとの親和性の高さを証明する「Baseball Heritage Collection(ベーӟ
LallJealbreem    [21/06/2014 10:33am]
> 誕生26年目を迎えた人気漫画「ジョジョの奇妙な冒険」と、世代を超えて愛される(CONVERSE)がコラボを発表。この話題のスニーカー「
Geovani    [26/09/2015 07:13am]
> Hey Steve, Been a while and miss talking. Say hello to April and Bella. Happy to hear you eyonjed the stories. We have quite a few hilarious stories together with Mike H. Good times and many laughs usually at my expense but all in good fun. Patience not my forte but I'm learning. Almost all my issues are because of deformed feet. Last foot doc I saw told me I would never be fast with my feet. The doc before told me my only hope was plantar fascia surgery. Long story short I have cobblers here make me custom wedges I put between my ball of the foot and heel to fill the gap. Simple solution and it works. Take care!
Chidimma    [21/12/2015 02:10pm]
> I'm out of league here. Too much brain power on dilayps!

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