Erin    [25/01/2005 10:44am]
> hey Alex, figured i'd stick a comment in here. was looking bit empty. i keep asking, sorry, but when do you get back again? my brain is completely fried i think. i never remember anything anymore :( . and used to remember everything
Doug    [26/01/2005 02:15am]
> ....sounds like Chang should be bringin a map, just in case. :P
Doug    [26/01/2005 02:17am]
> Oh, and I think she said something about being back on the 9th. I'm generally a pretty unreliable source, though, so I wouldn't quote me on that or nothin.
Erin    [26/01/2005 09:32am]
> cool cool. as long as it's before the 12th then i'll be happy :D
Khai Lin    [27/01/2005 06:30am]
> Hey Alex, China sounds awsome, I'll have to get there in the next few years. Sounds like you're having fun. It'll be good to see Chang, say hi to him for me, It must have been a year since I spoke with him.
Khai Lin    [27/01/2005 06:32am]
> How did the salmon skin outfit feel?
Alex    [30/01/2005 12:35am]
> it was in a glass case so we couldnt touch it. i do indeed get back the 9th so does that mean ill get to see u erin?
Erin    [31/01/2005 03:58am]
> possibly. i'm going out to see ash grunwald/jeff lang on the 9th. leaving on the 11th i think.
Alex    [06/02/2005 07:20pm]
> erin, i dont think ill be able to come out wednesday night, ill be too buggered and my family will want to monopolise my time. is there any way we could meet up thurs?
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