Doug    [04/02/2005 12:09pm]
> For the record, the leaning tower of Tiger Hill doesn't lean more than Pisa. The Leaning Tower of Pisa has about 10% tilt, equating to about a 5.5° tilt to the south. And it weighs 14 and a half thousand tonnes (thanks, Google). Still sounds cool though. </uselessfacts>
Alex    [06/02/2005 07:18pm]
> stupid chinese ppl who lie. they also reckoned an 18 metre high buddha was carved out of a single tree trunk of sandelwood. i mean come on... what's going on?
Doug    [10/02/2005 05:00pm]
> They also reckoned they could trick that poor sap Chang by stabbing knives into a plank and claiming they threw them at him, but you didn't seem to have any problems with the lying then, eh?
Lvy    [22/02/2015 05:52pm]
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