june    [29/08/2009 08:39am]
> Glad it all worked out in the end for the 3 of you...emergency passports are only supposed to be given out for one get you home! With everyone tightening up their entry laws and demanding chipped passports, the consulate should have advised Bren of this and issued him a real passport or temp one so he could have at least applied for a visa...tut tut aussie consulate! Enjoy London, I love it!!! Find those little out of the way pubs, theyre usually the best. There are some great little eateries/pubs on queensway... Have a great time in the UK June (brens mum)
Julia    [13/09/2009 11:32pm]
> So are you back in Oz now? I´m excited to find two posts from Ms Galaxy! xox Julia
Alex    [15/09/2009 06:25am]
> No, we won't be back for a while yet. Early december was the original plan although now it might be sooner because we are running out of money
heather    [19/09/2009 02:55am]
> yeah, you did your sneaky sight-seeing while bren and I waited outside for you to 'get back from the toilet' cause they didn't let us in...
Alex    [19/09/2009 06:01am]
> i didn't know you guys were stuck outside! if only you hadn't hesitated so much, the ticket guy wouldnt have noticed you
Noe    [21/12/2015 03:33pm]
> TOEFL iBT ScoreI appeared in TOEFL iBT on 25th of July, and the exam was quite diclifuft than the practice materials available. I did really bad in the listening section. in the writing section i was expecting a good score, but i end

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