bernardo    [15/03/2004 07:05pm]
> when did this happen? (yay!!)
Thomas    [16/03/2004 11:56pm]
> Goog god, at least someone will be travelling....I'd be posting about my uni life, which I am quite happy with but I actually have to keep working as opposed to posting all the time...oh well
Jenny    [17/03/2004 06:26am]
> More importantly when WILL it happen? ;) And Tom, it isn't the simple act of travelling that counts ;) And yeah that work thing interefres with me quite a lot too ;)
Thomas    [17/03/2004 05:43pm]
> Yeah but your overseas, butthead!
Kathfrog    [18/03/2004 01:22pm]
> It doesn't feel like overseas when you wake up, go to class, come home, eat, study, sleep. I mean its life as normal, not that that stops me writing long (overdetailed) posts on the subject but its not actually, like, travelling

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