Khai Lin Huang    [05/11/2003 01:41am]
> Ning,
Khai    [05/11/2003 01:44am]
> Ning, I just walked away from the computer to get back to study, but I couldn't focus had to come back and say something. Firstly all the best with the apartment, I hope it works out. The second thing is that I think sometimes you just have to do
Khai    [05/11/2003 01:44am]
> Ning,
Khai     [05/11/2003 01:46am]
> Sorry I keep stuffin this up. yea, sometimes you need to do these things and alot of people don't ever have the guts. All the best.
Fay    [05/11/2003 04:25am]
> Ningo, i admire you. my 17 year old brother is deciding perhaps to take a jewellery-making apprenticeship. This really made me think. Oftentimes, I'd rather jump off the commonwealth bridge than go to uni. perhaps i'm meant to be walking a different
Fay    [05/11/2003 04:27am]
> path. n i haven't seen u for ages dude. i'd like to catch up before i go away (dec 4th). good luck with it all. "Faith is being sure of what we hope for, and certain of what we do not see."
fay    [05/11/2003 04:27am]
> better go study now. love fay
Ningoose    [05/11/2003 07:24am]
> Hey guys. Thanks for your comments, its really good to hear from you Khai and Fay. This is interesting. I've gotten mixed responses to my decision but its also prompted some long-unheard voices to speak, which I'm grateful for. Fay I'll definitely
Ningoose    [05/11/2003 07:25am]
> call before the fourth, and Khai are you and Hannah planning to come down anytime? Tkae care all and much love,
Khai Lin    [05/11/2003 08:05am]
> Hannah will be back on the 23rd Nov, and I'll be back on the 8th. Looking foward to your housewarming ;)
Thomas    [05/11/2003 05:54pm]
> Khai,does that mean youare going to the melbourne Hat tourney on the 6th and 7th?

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