Shelley    [17/09/2006 07:57pm]
> Great to hear the adventures are continuing Suzanne. Who knew you would be such an intrepid traveller! The wedding photos are sure to be a treat. Keep us posted. Shelley PS Thanks so much for your fabulous and very thoughtful birthday present! xxx
Nell    [08/10/2006 07:47pm]
> Hi Suzanne, I've been reading along but wasn't sure this was your site till you hit India. It all sounds wonderfully colourful! Glad to read your having a great time. Better than working but sounds more tiring. Looking forward to seeing some pics, Nell
gvxegvjjm    [01/06/2013 10:03pm]
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xxrranvd    [17/11/2013 05:30am]
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apevxcil    [18/11/2013 10:12am]
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omdcyayp    [20/11/2013 11:56pm]
> Karen (Karen) entry twentieth anniversary subsequent month there might be a series of activities, like commemorative exhibition, at the same time as concerts in January next year. The exhibition also contains images of her and her husband, which is also a part of two decades, even though the husband gave his largest help is tolerated She has frequently been a workaholic, so the next half years also gave her a good deal of time busy with operate. Karen straightforward and fashionable look denied
gcpijcxla    [29/11/2013 08:27pm]
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uczvxiaf    [24/01/2014 05:16pm]
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tpbnsvrzr    [03/03/2014 01:22am]
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Manuelbirl    [22/08/2014 02:29am]
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YLmmvczSm    [24/08/2014 03:53am]
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