Erin    [15/06/2006 11:08pm]
> i agree, i'm often too lazy to check if people have posted. and i forget about mailout thing that says when people have made a new post. i should just sign up to everyone's mailing list thing. rambling. i'll shut up
Jenny    [18/06/2006 02:39am]
> Hi guys. If you'd kept up to date with when I post things in my blog or in my newsbox, then you would know that that is foremost on my agenda when I get a moment to myself :)
Jenny    [27/06/2006 07:30am]
> If the Italians had spent less time rolling around on the floor then injury time would have been less than 3 minutes, and they wouldn't have gotten that penalty shot in the last 4 seconds... anyway...
Erin    [02/07/2006 12:10am]
> it's all good Jenny. no rush. I just come back here when I'm procrastinating and go through the list of people I know. adds to procrastination time anyway :P

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