attaslevild    [16/09/2013 09:12am]
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Aditya    [21/02/2015 07:25pm]
> Despite all of his flaws, Patriotic President Nixon was a man of courage and honor. He felt he was sidnatng up for the right things at the time however wrong he was on interracial marriage. I'll tell you that in the White household, we were embarrassed by good folk who talked like the president did in those tapes. One of my best friends growing up was Ernie, a beautiful African-American fellow who always followed the word of God and Jesus. Pres. Nixon was wrong on the black/white part of the talking on that tape, but he was right about how abortion led to unlimited Godless sexual activity.I always loved President Nixon and I'm sure years later, he was sorry for his thoughts. With the help of Rev. Graham, President Nixon could have corrected his ways while in office, but the far left wing Congress and despicable media drove him out of town. Look what happened after Pres. Nixon was forced out of office: much more abortion, drug use, higher taxes, bigger government, secularism, unpatriotic Jimmy Carter who destroyed this country and the economy; Bill Clinton who destroyed the country's moral fiber and economy; now this installed-President Obama is really wrecking this economy. When will you McFlys learn that history is now vindicating President Nixon as it will with the honorable President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard Cheney? And look at how history is showing us that Jimmy Carter made it so much worse for the Hebrews and the oil industry; Bill Clinton brought us 9-11, unemployment and a wrecked Wall Street? We are going further down that horrible path.
Marfamund    [11/01/2018 07:02am]
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