Jenny    [02/12/2004 04:41am]
> Try selling "magic" beans on the street... That racks up a good 400 euros for my french uni every year ;) Other than that, welcome, and great to have you on board!
Thomas    [06/12/2004 01:19am]
> Hey franny! Nice to hear that you have joined the foul denizens of Bootlog. hope to hear many interesting things out of you! *hugs* fom Tom
Erin    [08/12/2004 10:01pm]
> hey Franzisca, figured i should post something. not much to say that i haven't told you recently... luv ya babe, erin xxxooo
Gerrilyn    [02/05/2016 11:36pm]
> You're on top of the game. Thanks for shinarg.

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