Thomas    [04/01/2005 05:21pm]
> Franny posts again! Sounds like you guys had a fun new years. Our New Years was fairly uneventful, so appreciate your time over there madam Jenny
Erin    [05/01/2005 07:34am]
> i dunno about you Tom, but mine was quite eventful! helping someone try to stand up straight, even though they're wasted and about twice my size! that was eventful!! and missing the fireworks :( and staying up til 9.30am :D all in all it was a good night for me. better than i had hoped for really.
franzisca    [05/01/2005 02:54pm]
> jenny has left, so the winter blues set one left to talk to 'till 4am, to drink so much monkey tea with...arghhh. and i guess this is the end to my having jenny in europe and the luxury of seeing her every few aussies are certainly lucky bastards to have her back...look after her for me!
Erin    [06/01/2005 09:39am]
> woo. i'll look after her. from a different state. but i'll look after her still. will keep her in line!!
franzisca    [06/01/2005 09:41am]
> did you hear that jenny? you wild girl...;)
Jenny    [16/01/2005 03:02pm]
> Wild child indeed. I should really post up my own account of the night one of these days, along with photos ;)
Alex    [23/01/2005 05:33am]
> Of course we'll look after her. what's this about George and James though?! And Erin which drunk twice ur size were u supporting?? gimme gossip, im missing out! gotta run
Erin    [23/01/2005 07:04am]
> was Rory...
Jenny    [01/02/2005 02:56pm]
> What is it about Rory's :D
Alex    [03/02/2005 07:47pm]
> Ah...duh..should'v guessed.

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