Thomas    [18/04/2005 05:32am]
> You didn't start talking about development aid...:( I am doing a course on the anthopology of development at uni and I have much to crap on about development with you. At the risk of sounding old hat, do you think that the War in Iraq is still going to be an issue for the up coming elections? And what about the struggle for a viable 'left' party, as blait's labor as possibly neutered the center-left in the UK? Questions Questions Questions....
fran    [19/04/2005 07:24pm]
> ah tom, they're gonna cut it down to like two lines anyway- i could write essays on the topic but there wasn't enough space. the war in iraq will of course be an issue-this is the first election after it, and theres a lot of issues that have spilled out from it..the war moved the british public like it never had before-blair is immensly unpopular. as for the struggle for a viable 'left'-its long over..the age of neoliberalism is looming-all across europe too! the lib dems will possibly win quite a few more votes but hey're only centre left anyway and have only shifted to the left of labour in the last 10 years
fran    [19/04/2005 07:25pm]
> 'tis a wonderful world!
Thomas    [19/04/2005 09:36pm]
> Don't lose hope franny. Conservatives across the world have been building up to this point of power for 40 years. We just have to introduce new ideas, communicate to people on our own terms and not expect over-night victories. As you mentioned, 2020 is commonly referred too as the year that oil consumption will overtake oil production and from there an oil based society will rapidly come under stress. We need to fight to regain direction within our societies by 2015 or by 2020 it could be too late. Ten years is not a long time and at a basic level, its only 2 elections in britian past the current one. No more disunity, no more rolling over and giving radical conversatives what they want. Don't give me that look!
Thomas    [19/04/2005 09:44pm]
> Perhaps you should issue a rally cry for true progressives to seek to put aside our theoritical and practical differences and realise that there is a need for unity to achieve things on the political scale. In much the same way that the EU talks about itself as been a "community of Diversities", I would hope this progressive community would be formed from a variety of distinct and interesting groups. Start with the values and ideas that bind together all progressives and work from there. If I did the anthropology of British society, I might have a better conception of what those values would be but....I'll have to leave it to you my dear.
Nic    [03/05/2005 11:21pm]
> Franzisca -do you have a sister called Jessica? I have a feeling I went to school with a Jessica Zanker...I'm sure Kathfrog could confirm....
franzisca    [08/05/2005 04:33pm]
> yeah i do. she lives in holland now, married to a dutch guy, currently working on her times!
Jenny    [15/05/2005 04:09am]
> PhD, hey? I didn';t know that... My PG tips addiction is under control, thanks to that emergency ration from your family.
Kathfrog    [17/05/2005 07:28am]
> Kathfrog needlessly confirms :D
Thomas    [20/05/2005 12:52am]
> It seems like we are a pretty inbred little social group here. On sunday we are all going to Andrew Ley's house for the eurovision song contest! Huzzah!
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