Jenny    [12/12/2007 10:52am]
> Well, wear your seatbelt if the car has one. Most of the taxis here don't have seatbelts. Which is TERRIFYING. In fact I have lots of 'interesting' stories about taxi drivers... one of mine recently had no hands. Just stumps. Luckily I didn't realise until he'd gotten me safely home. Or I may have stressed somewhat. Good to hear an update from you, I need to do the same. Tonight I'm off traveling! Hooray!!!
Jenny    [13/12/2007 08:41pm]
> Oh, and it is AWESOME that you were in a MILO add :D
Jenny    [13/12/2007 08:41pm]
> I mean 'ad'. sigh.
Khai    [05/01/2008 11:49am]
> I so so second you on that seatbelt thing. I spend new years doing a 14h hour night shift in Yaounde Central Hospital ED. And the number of traumas was ridiculous. Saw about 4 open skull fractures, one of them a pregnant girl with a huge flap of skin loose on her skull, you could see the white bone beneath and the crack in it. Anyway, sounds like you had a great time, will definately check out the add. stay cool!!
Nultwrerpople    [18/05/2013 11:13pm]
> 国際的な靴感じ続けるためにウィーナー呼ばコラボアイウェアサングラスのカップルを着てアメリカンミュージックアワード約舞台で上演
Foththype    [19/05/2013 07:50am]
> 多くの将来のビジョンせうぜん)と、広間の窓に倚そうして、半ば独り言のように、徐(おもむろ)にこう答えた大きな違いを参照してく
Nultwrerpople    [28/05/2013 04:44am]
> あなたがボールを持って何をするかを選択する準備youe。 オプション:パス 開いているチームメイトにバスケットボール
attaslevild    [16/09/2013 10:49am]
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ThomasCesk    [06/08/2014 12:34pm]
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Golu    [04/12/2015 02:27pm]
> Michelle : I like that cover too. There are so many UK covers, that I rlealy do love. I haven;'t read the book but the one you put the link for rlealy fits it better than the US one. :)Shweta: I didn't know that. I haven't read the book, but now I know that there's a dutch translation for it, I may even find it at the library. Shy: I haven't read it, but I rlealy want to.

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