Mum & Dad    [23/08/2009 03:29pm]
> What a treat to be with you in the Flinders. For anyone so inclined meeting up and cycling with this guy is quite an experience. We hope to do it again sometime in Victoria/sthn NSW. Great to see you soo lean and fit and quite at home on your trucker.
Aunty Jenny    [23/08/2009 06:30pm]
> Wow Anthony. You are amazing. What an adventure. Cant wait until you arrive in Geelong. keep safe, with love from Jen , Stephen and Sam
Rich    [25/08/2009 12:28pm]
> I don't know whether to be jealous, or think that you're insane. So i'll go with both. Sounds like a great adventure... keep on trucking and keep on posting.
Rob    [26/08/2009 08:04pm]
> Ey Anthony great story! Were you able to keep your dried fruit dry?!
Dad    [28/08/2009 07:39pm]
> Guess you must be in or approaching Adelaide soon Ant. Your home town! We're thinking of you with these crazy winds. Keep fit and enjoy!
Mayur    [06/07/2013 02:19pm]
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