Hex    [20/04/2010 08:37am]
> CHEAP ALCOHOL!!? i am so glad you mentioned this. in my own egoic way i expect you thought of me. this is a very epic post, by the way. i quite enjoy your blogging although i did not expect to gain half an hour of reading material when i navigated your way! i am nonetheless extraordinarily impressed and pleased, not to mention relieved that you have the internet and can regale me with tales form afar at last. huzzah!
Jenny    [22/04/2010 03:26pm]
> Heehee, I love how they say 'alien', they did in Colombia too. I was a registered alien there :P There seems to be a lot of blog post losing! Have you considered writing them in a word doc first with 'autosave set to every few minutes ;);)) Love Jenny
Mum    [23/04/2010 01:55pm]
> Go to Japan ... and speak French ;-)

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