Jenny    [06/06/2010 09:53pm]
> Yay for update :) Well Uni's Uni, and there's the hard slog wherever you study, so might as well be in Japan :) Good to hear you're having fun and joining in to lots of local stuff. Canberra's OK too! We have fun groups! Move up closer to the city and join some groups when you get back ;) Look forward to seeing you! Jen
Mum    [07/06/2010 02:51pm]
> Passed half way and still happy. :-)
Kathy    [26/06/2010 03:30pm]
> You may have noticed I do that too - when you get somewhere new you Bootlog a lot to tell everyone about all the new stuff. And then, well, its not as new and you're too busy living it. Glad to hear everything is awesome (well of course uni is never easy...)

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