Sandra    [07/07/2013 06:50am]
> In fact there is a word similar like that in Hindi for a Crow. You might have heard the foumas song Maye Ni Maye Munder Pe Teri Bol Raha Hai Kaaga which if translated means Mother, mother, on your parapet a crow is cawing So Kaaga in Hindi (Brij Language would mean a Crow), but in this case it is Kaaka.
Kailan    [02/05/2016 11:15pm]
> In my chart Gemini and Capricorn are the stronger signs. I have Moon conjuct Saturn and Sun conjunct Jupter: I hate being lonely and shy. I love the idea of meeting people and talk to them, share ideas, but when I have the optrtpunioy, all I do is stand quiet, afraid of what they will think about me. It's a hell sometimes. I woud prefer to be a jerk like Pat Robertson than being a splited person like me.

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