Julia    [14/12/2006 10:45pm]
> That's right... steal the spotlight! Just 'cos I'm a bootlog overcommunicator... I'm not surprised that Perth was more fun! Are you still in Sydney or back in Canberra now?
Erin    [21/12/2006 10:15pm]
> big day out in melbourne will be awesome. very jealous. my friend's going to wagga. you should drive him back to visit me!! although, I don't think I'd want you to have to sit in a car with him for 3 hours.
Liaqaut    [08/04/2014 11:34pm]
> Respond to this video I have no doubt he mentioned these towns. My cmmoent was just an aside, thats all. I was only trying to make you smile , ya frickin psycho . O.K . let me explain . Spike Milligan was a comedian right . And this was a joke right . And he made the joke because Woy Woy is really boring . Nothing happens at Woy Woy . Soooo , just as nothing happens in Woy Woy , nothing happens in a cemetery, and .ya know what? Forget it .
Dian    [26/09/2015 08:30am]
> What is the aim? To decentralise power pocdurtion? To increase knowledge and demand for a degree of self a local level?Because commerce is too slow in providing energy? Or to provide competition for these?It seems to me that local over time becomes centralised as a result of lack of expertise, decline of interest and take over by the more active part of a community. Maybe this does not matter if a move away from coal occurs but is that likely given the vested interests? Might we not have a pre-feasability study of other economic models that might allow existance without growth or if any growth growth that is energy neutral. An economy in which the individual is not a consumer driving the system but a consumer who the system satisfies?

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